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Global innovation award in 2017 FINALIST

Chicago bagvæg_finals_1Sanimaid® is a fantastic, upgraded toilet brush. In contrast to the traditional toilet brush, which simply has to be the most unhygienic product in your home, the functional and Danish-designed Sanimaid® toilet brush ensures highly sanitized, environmentally friendly and effective cleaning combined with a stylish design.

Do you agree that life is too short for unsavory toilet brushes? Then say goodbye to the beast and hello to the beauty of Sanimaid®. The toilet brush created for you, who would like to clean your toilet effectively and hygienically.

The Sanimaid® toilet brush, with its patented technology, is anti-bacterial. No messy water drips, and it’s clean after use. The handle is 99.9 percent bacteria-free, so there is no risk of contagion while cleaning. Sanimaid® markets this product with the word hygienic, which is a precise, one-word description of this item.

As seen on Shark Tank

Sanimaid® is known from the Danish version of the TV program Shark Tank. Ever since this effective and hygienic toilet brush was launched earlier this year on the Scandinavian market, it has been a great success, with sales taking place through most of the larger retail chains.

After several years of hard work, during which the idea man and multiple inventor Stig Brammer Knudsen worked closely with the world-renowned design company Designit and the Danish Technological Institute, he can now take pleasure in the success of this modern and hygienic toilet brush in Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries.
”My inspiration was to take an existing, worldwide and everyday product and give it smart, innovative qualities that radically improve the user experience, resulting in happy, satisfied customers,” says director Stig Brammer Knudsen.

He feels that the success of Sanimaid® is due to its unique combination of functionality and design. “Traditional toilet brushes are among the most unhygienic products in the home – the brush is an easy hiding place for impurities and bacteria. The smart Sanimaid® design and functionality make hygienic cleaning simple, easy and effective,” explains Stig Brammer Knudsen.
“Aside from its innovative qualities, the wall holder is an important aspect of the overall visual impression, and at the trade show we will present a superbly designed holder with a tilting function that has never been seen before,” Stig Brammer Knudsen adds.

Competing for the Global Innovation Award

Stig Brammer Knudsen is looking forward to introducing this creative and innovative toilet brush to the American market at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, where the Sanimaid® toilet brush has been chosen to participate in the competition for the Global Innovation Award (GIA) final.

“It is a fantastic recognition to be in the final for a GIA. It demonstrates that the Sanimaid® toilet brush represents the very best in innovation and functional Danish design. It’s really a wonderful pat on the back after three years of hard work,” says the man behind the Sanimaid® toilet brush.

Fact box

The Sanimaid® toilet brush is known from the TV program Shark Tank and represents functional, Danish design at its best. The toilet brush technology is patented, and its design is protected. Sanimaid® has already achieved great success in Scandinavia, with sales taking place through most of the larger retail chains.


  • Hygienically, Sanimaid® is a whole new experience – no irritating drips – always clean, also after use – anti-bacterial.
  • The handle contains silver ions – an intelligent technology that makes the handle 99.9 percent bacteria-free, even after use by many different people.
  • 360° effective cleaning. The toilet brush reaches every corner with its flexible wings, making cleaning easy and effective.
  • An attractive new wall holder with a tipping lid that automatically opens and closes when Sanimaid® is in use.

Chicago bagvæg_finals_1